Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You are what you eat!

Yesterday I challenged you to add in just 2-3 minutes worth of simple exercises each hour during your work day. Today, I am going to ask you to challenge yourself a little further. I fully believe that we are what we eat. Tonight, or even tomorrow, I'd like you to sit and think of what you are consuming on a daily basis, and pick one, just ONE thing to either eliminate or reduce for just one full week. There is no need to do everything at once, baby steps people! Your body was not built in a day, you will not change every bad habit in one day either. Here are some examples:

  • Soda, diet or regular. Can you cut it out entirely for one full week? Or if that is too much in one go, if you drink 3 per day, cut it down and only allow yourself one 12oz serving per day (a 20oz bottle is more than one serving!) If you like fizz, try sparkling water with lemon or lime added.
  • Sweets such as cookies. Do you find yourself endulging in a sweet after dinner every night? See if you can cut that out. In place of a cookie try making yourself some sugar free jello for after supper. Or even better, eat a banana, some peach slices (not that heavy syrup stuff from the can, REAL peaches), grapes, apple slices, etc.
  • Beer, wine, alcohol. Cut it out entirely and save it for one glass of pure heaven on Friday or Saturday night. Or if you can't do that, cut back to just one small serving per day.
  • Coffee additives. Maybe you put 3 tablespoons of cream in each cup of coffee. Try cutting your sugar/cream in half. Chances are you might not even notice!
These are just a couple of examples of things you can reduce or try to eliminate for just one week. You  might be surprised at how great you feel after one week!


  1. I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE my soda stream! I just carbonate regular water and add a lemon. I drink it all day everyday! I accept your challenge and will cut out all cream/sugar in my coffee.

  2. I've been meaning to cut sugar out of my coffee, so I'm in. I'm keeping my almond milk though!

  3. Fabulous! A little sugar added to coffee here and there seems so harmless, but when we sit back and think about those little bits, they really add up! I admit I am guilty of indulging with coconut milk creamer and sugar daily. I am going to cut it in half starting tomorrow!


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