Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I have a challenge for you for the rest of the week.

  1. Try this: every hour get up out of your chair and do 10 pushups, and 30 squats. That should take you no longer than 2-3 minutes. During a regular 8 hour work day, if you complete this challenge you will do 80 pushups and 240 squats! Don't even tell me you don't have 2 minutes per hour! Many people spend more time than that in the bathroom or chatting around the watercooler!! If you do this challenge everyday for the rest of the week, you will have completed 240 pushups and 720 squats.
No excuses. Exercise is all around us, it's not just in a workout DVD, going to the gym, or scheduling an hour long run. Fitness happens everywhere! Next week take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator.

Tomorrow I would like to challenge you with something regarding food!

Monday, January 30, 2012


My first post I thought should be a little getting to know me! I'm Kari, I play too much World of Warcraft, exercise too much, love to cook, have a great nerdy husband, and two fabulous kids. I started a journey to help myself feel better in the fall of 2010. I had battled depression and anxiety for the better part of a decade. I was literally sick and tired of being sick and tired! I'd go to bed tired, and wake up tired, I could barely leave my own house. Welp, that got pretty darn old, and one day after reading about an online friend feeling so great with her daily running, I decided to go to Kohl's and I purchased some new snazzy trainers and running clothes. That very next morning I woke up at 6am, put on my trainers, new clothes, and hopped out the door with my mp3 player. Whew, that was a very rough day! I got a rude awakening. I found out that day that a 200lb girl at 5'2" could NOT go running very easy. I didn't give up though! I wanted this for me, and that whole first day I was full of energy and wanted more and more.

It started getting cold out that fall and I quit running because I was a weenie. I had lost about 20lbs or so, was down a size in pants, and was feeling pretty good. Then when I stopped getting out to get some exercise I started feeling cruddy again. The new year rolled around and I decided in February to get a couple Jillian Michael's DVDs from Netflix. Boy those were hard back then! I was still about 180lbs, so I really needed to lose some major inches. In May 2011 I started feeling stronger, leaner, more confident. So I ordered Insanity from Beachbody and got to moving. I wasn't sure exactly what my weight was at the time I started Insanity. I'm going to guess about 160lbs. I did one full round of Insanity and then I got a herniated disc in my lower back 1 week from the end!! I fet so deflated, but I vowed to do Yoga and keep up with my strength and that I WOULD finish that first round. The day I went to the chiro for that herniated disc I weighed 142lbs, I had lost 18lbs in 60 days and boy was I proud of myself!! I will add I also started drinking Shakeology around the same time as I started Insanity. Remember earlier I said I battled depression and anxiety, yeah, Shakeology in addition to exercise has helped more than I can even begin to describe with those ailments! Shakeology gives you SO much energy, if you want more info, be sure to hit me up about it!!

After about a month of doing only Yoga, I was finally able to finish my last week of Insanity. I got my t-shirt for finishing too!!

Then I did some P90X. Around Christmas 2011 I weighed myself and was at 130. So without even trying I had lost another 12lbs with P90X! Now in 2012 I'm doing P90X2 (and that is with a bad back, folks!) Excuses are void to me! Herniated disc and all, I modify anything that puts too much pressure on that lower back area, but in general I do everything as intended.

So that is my success story (ongoing). About 70lbs lost in a little over a year just by being consistent and eating clean! Keep digging deeper, and push play!

Oops. Here are a before and after of me :)

August 2010, 1 month before I started. I felt so gross, this is all I have for before photos.

This is me about 5 days ago. January 25, 2012.

They like me, they really really like me!